1st Selection Tournament for National Dream Team (17 Apr to 25 Apr 2014)

Updated 23 Apr 2014

Starting List, Pairings, Results

  1. The SCF has decided to embark on a long-term vision to produce a team of high performance players to bring honour to the nation. These players are expected to achieve the title of Grandmaster and capable of maintaining a consistent FIDE rating of at least 2500 within 5 years. In short, SCF endeavours to build a National Dream Team that aspires to achieve sports excellence for Singapore.

  2. With effect from 1 May 2014, players of the National Dream Team shall be required to sign an undertaking to train with the National Coach at least 3 times a week; totaling not less than 10 hours per week. They must participate in 2 to 3 international competitions assigned to them. The SCF shall provide 100% funding for their training and participation in assigned international competitions.

  3. At the end of each financial year ending 31st March, the HPE Committee may drop up to 2 players from the National Dream Team. These players may re-qualify by participating in the National Dream Team Selection Tournament.

  4. Players of the National Dream Team shall be required to make a deposit of $5,000 to the SCF as a commitment to the programme for one year. The deposit shall be carried forward to the following year if the player retains his place in the National Dream Team. If the SCF deems that the player has not fulfilled the requirements of the programme or does not re-qualify the following year, the deposit shall be forfeited. Players who qualify for the National Dream Team but require assistance with the deposit may apply to HPE for sponsorship.

  5. The National Dream Team shall comprise not more than 8 players selected in the following manner:
    (a) National Dream Team Selection Tournament – the top 3 players qualify;
    (b) The highest FIDE rated (standard chess) player with minimum 2500 on the Singapore List as on 1/4/14;
    (c) The highest woman FIDE rated (standard chess) player with minimum 2300 as per 3(b);
    (d) Not more than 3 players nominated by the HPE.

  6. Players who qualify for the National Squad under prevailing Selection Guidelines are not automatic members of the National Dream Team. They should participate in this Selection Tournament if they wish to be part of the National Dream Team. Otherwise they will remain as members of the National Squad and may still be considered for international representation.


Rules & Regulations

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1. Entry Deadline: Before 7 pm Friday 11 April 2014. No late entries will be accepted.

2. Venue: Singapore Chess Federation (51 Bishan Street 13, #02-01A SIGC (Bishan CC), Singapore 579799)

3. Format: Swiss System of 9 rounds OR Round-Robin if less than 12 players.

4. Time control: 90 minutes per player with 30 seconds increment after each move, starting from move one.

5. Zero-Start: FIDE Zero-Start Rule will not apply.

6. Laws: FIDE Laws of Chess apply. Games not finished after 5 hours of play shall be adjourned.

7. Eligibility: Singapore Citizen, Singapore Permanent Resident or FIDE Registration under SIN. The SCF has the right to accept or reject any entry without assigning any reason.

8. Qualification: The number of qualifiers depend on the number of entries:
More than 5 players – 3 to qualify; Between 4 to 5 players – 2 to qualify; Between 2 to 3 players – 1 to qualify.

9. Appeals Committee:
9.1. SCF shall appoint the 3 members of the Appeals Committee.
9.2. Any appeal towards an Arbiter's decision shall be made in writing latest 15 minutes after end of the respective round to the Chief Arbiter and accompanied with a deposit of $100 to SCF, which shall be refunded if the appeal is accepted, or forfeited if unsuccessful.
9.3. The decision of the Appeals Committee is final.

10. Schedule: Technical Meeting will be held on Saturday, 12 April 2014 at 7 pm.

Date Day 9 am to 2 pm 3 pm to 5 pm 6.30 pm to 11.30 pm
17 Apr Thur     Round 1
18 Apr Fri Round 2 Adjourned Games Round 3
19 Apr Sat Round 4 Adjourned Games Round 5
20 Apr Sun Round 6 Adjourned Games Round 7
21 Apr Mon   Adjourned Games Adjourned Games
22 Apr Tue     Round 8
23 Apr Wed   Adjourned Games Adjourned Games
24 Apr Thu   Adjourned Games Round 9
25 Apr Fri   Adjourned Games Playoffs

11. Ranking & Tie-Break: The top 3 players shall qualify for the National Dream Team. In case of a tie, a play-off shall decide.

12. Play-Off: Play-off tie-breaks:
12.1. 2-player play-off tie-break 1: two rapid games with alternating colours.
Time control: 25 minutes + 10 seconds increment after each move, starting from move one.
12.2. 2-player play-off tie-break 2: two blitz games with alternating colours.
Time control: 5 minutes per player + 2 seconds increment after each move, starting from move one.
12.3. 2-player play-off final tie-break 3: Sudden-Death of 1 game. White has with 6 minutes, Black with 5 minutes. White must win. Black wins if the game is drawn.
12.4. In case of a more than 2-player tie, the Chief Arbiter shall announce the play-off format which shall include Rapid, Blitz & Sudden-Death. 

13. Entry Fee & Deposit Fee: The entry fee is $100. Deposit Fee of $5000 required for players who qualify for the National Dream Team.

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