SCF Weekend Intensive Chess Courses 2019



The following topics will be discussed on a weekend 6 hour session basis presentation. Notes and exercises will be provided to the students to engage an intensive work out of the numerous positions and examples.

A follow up activity of TRAINING GAMES will be played by the students. This will offer a 'hands on' practice of the topic positions presented.

Title Date

Attack against the king - Part 1

(uncastled king; f7 square; the e-file)

23rd & 24th Nov 2019

Attack against the king - Part 2

(Kingside castled king attacks; Queenside castled king attacks)

07th & 08th Dec 2019

Open Lines (Files, Ranks & Diagonals)

(The open file; Use of Ranks; Diagonals)

14th & 15th Dec 2019

The Pawn Endgames & Combinations

(The advantage of a passed pawn; strong & weak pawns; pawn combinations)

21st & 22nd Dec 2019

Format of class:

  • 1st 20 mins is lecture of the topic
  • Next 40 mins exercises
  • Break for 5-10mins
  • Next 1.5-2 hours is practical training matches with clock.

Registration & Payments:

Download and submit;

Confirmation of registration is subjected to full course fee payment.

All slots are given on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis.

Payment can be made at the SCF Office (cash or cheque), or postage (cheques only).

Cross-cheques are to be made payable to Singapore Chess Federation.

*Indicate course applied for, term/day/time slot & student's name; at the back of cheque.

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