SCF EOGM 2016 - Updates

Dear members of the chess fraternity in Singapore,

We had an EOGM on 27th Jan 2016 and the three requisition motions were not carried through.

I would like to thank the chess fraternity for their confidence in me and my team. I believe that everyone has the best interest of the Singapore chess community at heart. Let us now all close ranks and work together collectively for the progress of chess in Singapore. We encourage the sharing of ideas from all stakeholders, such as players, parents, chess clubs, training providers, local and international sports governing bodies. I invite anyone with an interest to contribute to step forward and serve in our sub-committees.

I understand that some in the chess fraternity have concerns which may not have been addressed during the EOGM due to time constraints. My committee and I are prepared to have an open discussion with anyone in this respect.

We are here to serve the chess community, and our commitment to the chess community in Singapore remains paramount.

I wish everyone festive greetings and a Happy Lunar New Year.

Voting results for the following:

Resolution 1

" That, there is no confidence in Mr Leonard Lau Aik Soon in his capacity as the current President of the Singapore Chess Federation."

Total eligible voting members – 137

For the resolution - 43 votes
Against the resolution - 86 votes
Rejected votes - 4 votes
Total votes casted - 133

Resolution 1 is therefore not adopted.

Resolution 2

"That, there is no confidence in each of the member of the current Council in their respective capacities in Council."

For the resolution - 37 votes
Against the resolution - 84 votes
Rejected votes - 2 votes
Total votes casted - 123

Resolution 2 is therefore not adopted

Resolution 3

"That, a new Council of the Singapore Chess Federation be re-elected forthwith to serve out the remaining period of the term 2015-17."

For the resolution - 19 votes
Against the resolution - 81 votes
Rejected votes - 10 votes
Total votes casted - 110

Resolution 3 is therefore not adopted.

Leonard Lau

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