Grand Prix Results: Standard & Rapid 10th & 11th Leg (Final League)

updated 05 Dec 2013

There had been some errors in the calculation of the Grand Prix Points and it has now been updated.

Do note that there had been certain changes in the rankings.

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Grand Prix Standard & Rapid 2013

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Age is as of birth year.
The categories DO NOT represent the categories players took part in the tournament.
Open Category: FIDE Rated players or Unrated players
Challengers Category: FIDE Unrated players only
Top 15 of Challengers Category gets promoted to Open Category at next league.
Players labelled with ‘Open’ can only play in the Open Category. Players labelled with ‘Challengers’ are allowed to play in either Open or Challengers.
Qualifer: Minimum seven leagues
Total points include 1 participation point for each Rapid tournament and 2 participation points for Standard tournaments.
Read Grand Prix Rules & Regulations here.

Top 20 Grand Prix Standard & Rapid Points (as at 04 Dec 2013)


1st – Tin Jingyao (213 points)

2nd - Tan Weiliang (191 points)

3rd – Chiong Zacarias Romero Luis (175 points)

4th – Foo Benjamin (169 points)

5th – Chua Yong Jun Keven (76 points)

6th – Chong Magdalene Clarissa (64 points)

7th - Archie Ramos (59 points)

8th - Tin Jingshun (53 points)

9th - Pyape Sone Win Naung (48 points)

10th - Lim Wan Yu Steffi (42 points)

11th - Xie Zu En Jeremiah (41 points)

12th - Chua Yong Da Irwin (40 points)

13th - Heng Zheng Kai (39 points)

14th - Lee Hui Ling (38 points)

15th / 16th - Ho Rui Boon Ruben & Tin Ruiqi (33 points)

17th - Choy Jia Ning Gillian (32 points)

18th – Wong Shyun Fwu Aldrin (31 points)

19th - Nisban Cyrus (26 points)

20th - Ho Yi Amadeus (23 points)


Full list available here.


League 11: Children’s Day Chess Challenge (10 November 2013)
Top 15 of Challengers Category

Top 15 of Challengers (Unrated) Category are automatically promoted to the Open Category as of the next league. Should the promoted player continues to remain unrated, he/she is allowed to opt back into the Challengers category from the following league onward.


For any errors in results or personal particulars, please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


All prizes will be given out during the 13th New Generation Chess Championships 2013.

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