Grand Prix Results: 8th Leg (Final Leg)

updated on 27 Dec 2013

Grand Prix Blitz 2013

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Age is as of birth year.
Qualifer: Minimum four leagues
Total points include 1 participation point for Blitz tournament.
Read Grand Prix Rules & Regulations here.

Top 10 Grand Prix Blitz Points
(as at 04 Dec 2013)

1st Chiong Zacarias Romero Luis 71 points
2nd Tin Jingyao 51 points
3rd Foo Benjamin 46 points
4th Paciencia Enrique 41 points
5th Neurbonner Jarred 37 points
6th Urcan Olimpiu 29 points
7th Tan Weiliang 23 points
8th Napolean Recosasa 21 points
9th Nisban Cyrus 11 points
10th Tan Li Cheng Julia 9 points

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Overall Best Performers
(as at 27 Dec 2013)

U12 Tin Ruiqi 1.25 points
U10 Nisban Cyrus 1.57 points
U08 Kow Weiliang Bryan 1.0 points


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All prizes will be given out during the 13th New Generation Chess Championships 2013.

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