1.1 In this Constitution, unless the context otherwise requires:

(a) "Federation" shall mean the Singapore Chess Federation

(b) "Council" shall mean the Executive Council for the time being appointed under this Constitution.

(c) "Council Members" with reference to the Executive Council shall mean and include the President, Vice-Presidents, General Secretary. Honorary Treasurer and Ordinary Council Members.

2     NAME

2.1 The name of the association shall be the SINGAPORE CHESS FEDERATION and shall hereinafter be referred to as "The Federation".


3.1 The official place of business shall be 51 Bishan Street 13, #02-01A, Singapore 579799 or such other address as may subsequently be decided upon by the Council and approved by the Registrar of Societies.


4.1 The objects of the Federation are:

(a) to be the principal authority over Chess activities in Singapore

(b) to represent Singapore in the International Chess Federation (FIDE)

     and international chess organisations affiliated to FIDE.

(c) to develop training schemes for schools and youth.

(d) to organise tournaments especially at national levels.

(e) to participate in international and regional championships.

(f) to promote Chess and the interests of chess players in Singapore.


5.1 The Federation shall:

(a) have the exclusive power to represent Singapore at regional and international meetings and competition sanctioned by Singapore National Olympic Council, FIDE or its affiliates.

(b) decide upon the entry of players representing Singapore in international competitions.



6.1.1 The Federation shall have the following categories of Members:

(a) Patrons

Persons who are distinguished in public life and are Singapore citizens may be appointed by the Council as Patrons.

(b) Honorary Advisors

Persons who are distinguished in public life or members who have contributed significantly to the development of Chess, may be appointed by the Council as Honorary Advisors.

(c) Honorary Life Presidents

Distinguished persons, and/or members who have contributed significantly to the development of Chess may be elected at a General Meeting as Honorary Life Presidents for Life. Such persons so elected, shall pay no dues but they shall have no say in the affairs of the Federation.

(d) Honorary Members

Persons who are distinguished in public life or who have rendered meritorious service to Chess in Singapore or to the Federation may, on the recommendations of the Council, be conferred for life as Honorary Members at a General Meeting.

(e) Life Members

Ordinary Members who have made a one-time payment equivalent to ten years' annual subscription at Ordinary Member rate.

(f) Ordinary Members

Ordinary Membership shall be open to Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents of age 20 years and above as on the 1st day of January of each year.

(g) Associate Members

Associate membership shall be open to all persons of age 20 years and above as on the 1st day of January each year. Associate Members shall have all the rights and privileges of Ordinary Members except that they are not eligible to vote.

(h) Junior Members

Junior Memberships shall be open to persons of age below 20 years as on the 1st day of January each year.

(i) Affiliation Members

Affiliation Members are those clubs, organisations or such bodies with interest in Chess. Affiliation Members are eligible to vote, provided their Delegates to any general meeting are Singapore citizens or Permanent residents of age 20 years and above as on the 1st day of January each year.


6.2.1 Application for Membership shall be made on a prescribed form to the General Secretary who shall present it to the Council for approval.

6.2.2 Membership shall be for one year ending on the 31st day of March. Renewal for membership shall be made between the 1st day of April and the 30th day of April.

6.2.3 The Council shall have the power to accept or reject such application or renewal for membership without assigning any reasons.


6.3.1 The Council may suspend or expel a Member if the Member has conducted himself by word or act in a manner, which in the expressed opinion of the Council, is prejudicial to the interests of the Federation and/or injurious to its reputation. Such Members shall be given the opportunity to present his case in person before the Council, and may, within 30 days from the date of the Council's decision, lodge a Notice of Appeal to the Chairman of the Appeals Committee.

6.3.2 The Appeals Committee shall consist of 3 persons and 2 reserves. The Appeals Committee and the Chairman thereof shall be appointed by the members in any General Meeting. Such persons shall be past Council Members.

6.3.3 The decision of the Appeals Committee shall be final.

6.3.4 Any Member who has been expelled may apply, after a period of 2 years, to the Council for reinstatement, and any such Member may be reinstated conditionally or unconditionally as the Council at its discretion deems fit. The Council shall not be bound to reinstate the said member.


7.1 The entrance fee and subscriptions for all types of memberships shall be determined from time to time at a General Meeting. Any such revisions shall apply from the beginning of the following calendar year. The subscription shall be payable in such manner as the Council may from time to time decide.

7.2 Entrance fee is a one-time payment for all new applications.

7.3 Membership subscriptions are payable annually. Any Member who fails to pay due subscription within one month of notice or by the last day of May, whichever day is earlier, shall cease to be a Member.



8.1.1 The Federation shall be managed by the Executive Council consisting of a President, three (3) Vice-Presidents, General Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and six (6) Ordinary Council Members.


8.2.1 The members of the Executive Council other than the General Secretary shall be elected for a two-year term from among members with voting rights. The Executive Council shall then appoint the General Secretary, who shall be a member with voting rights, to the Executive Council. The General Secretary, while being an Executive Council Member, shall be paid a stipend. The amount of stipend and other terms and conditions of engagement of the General Secretary, shall be set by the Executive Council and the General Secretary shall not have voting rights in such matters. The Executive Council shall have sole discretion to employ on its terms and conditions supporting paid staff such as an Executive Director to assist the General Secretary.

8.2.2 The Honorary Treasurer shall not be re-elected for consecutive terms.


8.3.1 President

(a) The President shall preside as Chairman at all Meetings of the Federation.

(b) In the case of a tie of votes, he shall have a second or casting vote.

(c) He shall represent the Federation in all matters pertaining to the Federation.

8.3.2 Vice-Presidents

(a) The Vice-Presidents shall assist the President in his duties. One of the Vice-Presidents shall act as the President in his absence.

8.3.3 General Secretary

(a) The General Secretary shall keep a record of all the proceedings of the Federation and deal with all correspondences.

(b) He shall maintain an up-to-date register of Members.

(c) He shall keep all records, except financial, of the Federation and be responsible for their accuracy.

(d) He shall be responsible for the annual submissions to the Registrar of Societies.

(e) He shall submit at the Council Meetings any matters for discussion received from members of the Federation.

(f) He shall prepare the Annual Report of the Federation for presentation to members.

(g) He shall issue timely reminders to members for membership fee that are overdue.

8.3.4 Honorary Treasurer

(a) The Honorary Treasurer shall be in charge of all the finances of the Federation and shall receive and pay out money on behalf of the Federation.

(b) He shall keep a book of accounts to be produced when required.

(c) He shall report on the financial position of the Federation at every Council Meeting and submit a Statement of Account and Balance Sheet at the Annual General Meeting.

(d) He shall obtain the approval of the Council before spending more than $1,000 on any one item.

(e) He shall normally not keep more than $500 cash in hand.

8.3.5 The other Council Members shall assume specific portfolios and responsibilities as designated by the Council.


8.4.1 The Council shall meet as often as it deems necessary, normally once a month for the dispatch of ordinary business and for carrying out the objects of the Federation as this Constitution empower it to perform.

8.4.2 The General Secretary shall give at least seven (7) days' notice for Council Meetings. The President may direct that a Meeting be called with less than seven (7) days' notice.

8.4.3 Any Council Member who is absent from three consecutive Council Meetings without explanation satisfactory to the Council shall thereof deem to have vacated his position. A successor may then be co-opted by the Council to serve until the next Annual General Meeting. No more than 5 members may be co-opted into the Council during its tenure.


8.5.1 At least half the number of Council Members shall form a quorum at all Council Meetings.

8.5.2 All decisions of the Council shall be made by a majority vote of those Council Members present and voting at the Meeting. In the event of a tie, the Chairman of the Meeting shall have a second or casting vote.


8.6.1 The Executive Council, subject to the provision of this constitution, shall have the power to:

(a) Carry out the objects of the Federation

(b) Fill any vacancy on the Council

(c) Appoint Sub-Committees as from time to time considered advisable.

(d) Appoint Patrons and Honorary Advisors.

(e) Enter into contracts for the purposes of and incidental to the carrying out of the objects of the Federation.

(f) Frame by-laws, regulations and/or standing orders not inconsistent with the Constitution.

(g) Act in a manner deemed expedient should the occasion arise for which provision is not made in the Constitution or by-laws made there under.

(h) Approve the application of any new members and accept the resignation of existing members of the Federation.

(i) Accept the resignation of any Council Member.

(j) Co-opt members to assist the Council in its administration.

(k) Take disciplinary action against members who violate the Constitution of the Federation.

(l) Authorise publications or release official statements on behalf of the Federation. Such publications and statements shall be consistent with the objects of the Federation.

8.6.2 In the event of any question or matter pertaining to day-to-day administration that is not explicitly provided for in this Constitution, the Council shall have the power to use its own discretion. The decision of the Council shall be final unless it is reversed at a General Meeting of members.



9.1.1 At least fourteen (14) days' notice in writing must be given for any General Meeting.


9.2.1 The quorum of a General Meeting shall be twenty (20) or fifteen (15) per cent of voting members, whichever is lower.

9.2.2 In the event of there being no quorum after half an hour of the stipulated time of the Meeting, the Chairman of the Meeting shall after that half an hour, declare the Meeting convened even without a quorum. However, the Meeting shall have no power to amend any part of the Constitution.

9.2.3 Members entitled to vote are:

(a) an Ordinary Member

(b) an Affiliation Member represented by a Delegate who is a Singapore citizen or Permanent resident of age 20 years and above as on the 1st day of January each year.

9.2.4 An Ordinary member may also be a Delegate whereby he shall have two (2) votes.

9.2.5 An Affiliation Member should nominate its Delegate in writing to the General Secretary before the Meeting.

9.2.6 No Ordinary Member shall represent more than two (2) Affiliation Members.

9.2.7 Voting shall be by ballot. Unless otherwise provided, a motion or resolution at any General Meeting shall be carried out by a simple majority of those members present and voting.


9.3.1 The President shall be the Chairman at all meetings of the Federation. Should the President be absent the Chairman shall be a Vice-President, failing him, a Member elected by the meeting.


10.1 The supreme authority of the Federation shall be vested in a General Meeting of the members presided by the President.

10.2 The Annual General Meeting of the Federation shall be held in Third Quarter (i.e. July, August, September) of each year for the following purpose:

(a) To receive the Executive Council’s Annual Report and the Audited Accounts for the preceding financial year.

(b) To elect officials of the Executive Council for the ensuing two (2) years.

(c) To appoint an Auditor for the ensuing year.

(d) To transact any other business of which at least 7 days' notice in writing has been given to the General Secretary.


11.1 An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened by the Council or on receipt of a written requisition by at least fifty (50) or 20% of Ordinary and/or Affiliation Members whichever is lower. The objects and reasons shall be stated in the requisition. Upon receipt of the requisition, the Council must convene an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held within twenty-eight (28) days from the date of receipt of such requisition. Requisitioning Members must hold membership for at least one (1) year.


12.1 The financial year of the Federation shall end on 31st day of March of each year.

13     AUDIT

13.1 The accounts shall be audited by an auditor to be appointed at each Annual General Meeting.


14.1 No amendments to the Constitution shall be made except at a General Meeting by a resolution, which shall be carried by a majority of at least two-thirds of the votes properly recorded at the Meeting. Such amendments shall only take effect after the approval from the Registrar of Societies.


15.1 The Federation shall be dissolved by an Extraordinary General Meeting called for this purpose with a minimum of three-fifths of the total voting membership of the Federation for the time being resident in Singapore voting either in person or by proxy in favour of the resolution for dissolution.

15.2 In the event that the Federation is being dissolved, the funds of the Federation shall be used for the settlement of all its debt and liabilities and any surplus shall be handed to the Singapore Sports Council for safe-keeping until another Federation is formed.

15.3 A Certificate of Dissolution shall be given within seven (7) days of the dissolution to the Registrar of Societies.


16.1 Gambling of any kind and the playing of mahjong whether for stakes or otherwise, are forbidden on the Federation's premises. The introduction of bad characters and paraphernalia for gambling or drug-taking onto the premises is prohibited.

16.2 The funds of the Federation shall not be used to pay the fines of Members who have been convicted in a court of law.

16.3 The Federation shall not engaged in trades union activity defined in any written Law relating to trades unions for the time being in force in Singapore.

16.4 The Federation shall not attempt to restrict or interfere with trade or make directly or indirectly any recommendation to any arrangement with its Members which has the purpose or is likely to have the effect of fixing or controlling the price of discount, allowance or rebate relating to any goods or services to be supplied by them.

16.5 The Federation shall not hold any lottery, whether confined to its Members or not, in the name of the Federation or its Council Members, Council or Members.

16.6 The Federation shall not indulge in any political activity or allow its funds and/or premises to be used for political purposes.

16.7 The Federation shall not raise funds from the public for whatever purposes without the prior approval in writing of the Head, Licensing Division, Singapore Police Force and other relevant authorities.


Amended on 14 & 21 January 2001, 30 November 2003, 26 June 2004, 29 June 2009, 02 August 2015.

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