2023-04-10 Changes to NJS Schedule

April 10, 2023

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2023-04-10 Changes to NJS Schedule


Dear Trainees and Chess Parents,

As you may be aware, the SCF has recently implemented several upgrading initiatives. For example, we have invested heavily in improving our facilities, such as the lighting at the Bishan CC Conference room. We have also refurbished our training rooms to provide better training experience for our students.

These efforts were implemented due to the increasing demand of our courses. In addition, the SCF National Training Program “NTP” shall commence this coming Saturday, 15 April. The implementation of this program will significantly increase the work load of our team and with the limited manpower we have, has resulted in scheduling issues.

Therefore, as an effort to increase the utilisation of our premises, I see a need to move some of our weekend classes to the weekdays. This allows the SCF team more flexibility in planning our schedules and also allows us to use the SCF premises 7 days a week.

Therefore from Term 3 (July 2023 onwards), the NJS schedules shall be as follows:

HP: Friday 7-9pm (no changes)
HPI: Wednesday & Thursday, 5-7pm or 7-9pm, 4 classes in total. There will be no HPI classes on weekends.
NJDS: Monday & Tuesday, 5-7pm only. There will be no NJDS classes on weekends.

We recognise that this may result in inconveniences as you may have to make adjustments to your schedule. I do apologise for this, and hope for your understanding why we need to make this change. Our promise to you is that we will not make any more changes in the short term, and that this schedule shall be fixed at least until 31 March 2025.

Thank you