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May Rapid 2023

May 20 @ 9:30 am - 6:30 pm

Organised by LCIC


  1. Playing Venue:

The Meeting point @ JTC Launch Pad, 73 B Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139966


  1. Schedule:

*The Organisers reserve the right to amend the schedule.




Registration & Technical Meeting

May 20 2023 (Saturday)

09:30 am (0930)


May 20 2023 (Saturday)

10:00 am (1000)


May 20 2023 (Saturday)

11:00 am (1100)


May 20 2023 (Saturday)

12:00 pm (1200)


May 20 2023 (Saturday)

2:00 pm (1400)


May 20 2023 (Saturday)

3:00 pm (1500)


May 20 2023 (Saturday)

4:00 pm (1600)


May 20 2023 (Saturday)

5:00 pm (1700)

Prize presentation

May 20 2023  (Saturday)

6:30 pm (1830), will be brought forward if round 7 ends earlier


  1. Tournament Format:

This Tournament is FIDE Rated. Players must have a FIDE ID to join this tournament.

FIDE’s Laws of Chess shall apply.

The tournament shall be conducted in the Swiss System, using the Swiss Manager Program.

Rate of play shall be 15 minutes with 10 seconds increment from move 1.

Default time is 15 minutes.

Recording is not compulsory but will be handy as proof in the event of a dispute.


  1. Ranking:

The final ranking is determined by the total number of points scored. Each player will be awarded 1 point for a win, ½ a point for a draw and 0 points for a loss. If two or more players are tied for any place at the end of the tournament, the following tie break criteria will be applied in the listed order:

  1.   Direct encounter
  2.   Greater number of wins
  3. Buchholz Cut 1
  4. Buchholz
  5. Sonnenborn Berger


  1.   Registration:



Registration will close on May 17 2023, 6pm (1800) or the first 60 entries, whichever comes first.

The registration fee is SGD $45, payable through UEN 202219710R (Lion City Inclusive Chess Pte Ltd), pay now or pay lah to 91181523 (Edwin) with your name as the reference number.

Your registration is confirmed once you receive a confirmed message. The tournament may be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances and a full refund would be provided.

The Organisers may accept any additional entries after the deadline.

The Organiser reserves the right to reject any entries without assigning any reason.

Should there be excess registration, the Organiser reserves the right to select the final player list.

Players who do not make it to the final player list due to excess registration will be refunded in full.


  1. Prizes:

1st place: SGD $120.00

2nd place: SGD $100.00

3rd place: SGD $80.00


*Other prizes will be announced during the technical meeting.

  1. Disputes:

In LCIC, the Organisers are pushing for inclusion and participants should display sportsmanship and avoid conflicts.

In the event of a dispute outside of the FIDE laws of chess, the Chief Arbiter’s decision is final.


  1. Attire

Participants are expected to be smartly attired. No revealing attire. 


  1. PDPA

LCIC reserves the right to take pictures of all players and livestream the event for marketing, promotion and other purposes.


  1. Additional Regulations:

Players are expected to not have any phone or digital device that can transmit information. Players can put them in their bags, pass it to the arbiter/s or accompanying personnel. Violation shall result in an immediate loss of game.

Players/Parents are responsible to take note of the tournament dates, times and tournament rounds. Any missed registration/tournaments/tournament rounds will not be entertained.

The Organiser reserves the right to change the time, date or event venue.

All players and audience in the tournament hall are assumed to have read the Tournament Rules & Regulations and are to adhere to the rules put forward by the arbiters/Organisers. Otherwise, they may be asked to leave the tournament hall.

The Organisers reserve the right to remove anyone from the tournament with no refund of the fee in the event of not complying with the Rules and Regulations.

Should any damages or losses occur during the event, the Organiser will hold the respective responsible parties liable.


  1. Enquiries

Please email lioncityinclusivechess@gmail.com for any enquiries or WhatsApp 91181523.


The Meeting Point @ JTC Launch Pad
73B Ayer Rajah Crescent 139966 Singapore + Google Map