[April Fool’s Post] Introduction of the SCF Domestic Cleaning Fundamentals

April 01, 2024

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“When I was young, I had to clean toilets when I make a bad move during training” – WGM Gong Qianyun, Singapore’s first gold medalist in chess at the SEA Games.

At the SCF, we are always looking for ways to improve our training programmes. Normally, chess parents moan and groan because they have to fetch their children to yet another grueling chess lesson. Or worse, they have to endure the entirety of a chess tournament where it just never seems to end.

But today, we bring to you the best possible news – the SCF has decided to incorporate a new initiative that is bound to make your life a whole lot less miserable! Not only will this idea make your lives spick and span, it could also help your children become future Grandmasters!
Introducing to you, the SCF Domestic Cleaning Fundamentals “DCF” course:

For all NJS and NTP trainees, we will start the new term with the DCF. Trainees will go through one orientation session where they will get to enjoy mopping the floor, wiping the windows, clearing stains off the walls, and many other similar pleasures at the SCF premises.

Studying the rules

The rules of DCF

Making the training rooms spick and span

During our chess training sessions, our students will be forced to cultivate healthy habits with the following implementations:

  • Blunder a pawn – Wipe the tables
  • Blunder a piece – Mop training rooms floors
  • Blitzing out a blunder without thinking – Choose your favourite toilet to clean
  • Playing the Bongcloud – Clean ALL the toilets (thank you!)

Our first session with the NTP trainees was a resounding success, with all the trainees expressing huge delight with their new found skills:

Even our older trainees were not excluded – FM Jayden Wong and GM Tin Jingyao both shared that these new skills would surely propel them to greater success.

Students who wish to sign up for the DCF exclusively can do so at the cost of $410, and Skills Future credits may be utilised in the future.
Join the SCF elite training programmes now, and learn essential life skills to become a chess Grandmaster!