Latest SCF Chess Training Updates

July 23, 2023

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Latest SCF Chess Training Updates

Dear SG Chess Community,

Update 1:

With effect from Term 4 2023, we will be making the following pricing adjustments to all our fundamental chess course, i.e Beginner to JPS courses. This announcement is not intended for other SCF courses.

We will be making the following changes:

  1. We will be removing one-time admin fees for new students
  2. Pricing will be uniformly set for Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans
  3. All 5 courses within Beginner – JPS will be priced at $260 per term
  4. The one-time skill evaluation fee of $20 for new students shall remain and is on top of course fees.

The next fee review, if any, shall take place no earlier than 1 June 2024. We thank the chess community for all your support.

Update 2:

We are pleased to share that private lessons (1-1) are now available at the SCF. Our trainers are certified by FIDE and are extremely competent and experienced to coach students of all levels. Please refer to the staff directory for the list of trainers available and their credentials.

Please note the following:

1) Our trainers are often scheduled for classes at the SCF premises and therefore it is challenging to plan their schedules if travelling is required. As such, private lessons shall only take place at SCF premises. Exceptions (for instance, students with mobility issues or very young students) shall be considered on a case by case basis.

2) All bookings are subject to trainers availability.

3) Current rates for 1-1 lessons:

  • GM/FST Thomas Luther: S$160/hr
  • GM/FT Andrey Kvon: S$160/hr
  • IM/FT Enrique Paciencia: S$80/hr
  • WFM/FT Thanda Aye Win: S$70/hr
  • NI Mr. Alex Chia: S$70/hr

4) Students who are currently in the SCF’s NJS and NTP programmes are entitled to a 10% discount.

5) Group lessons may be arranged. Please write in to to enquire about fees, booking and other related matters