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SCM #1: Free to download here.

Correction notice: Alireza Firouzja’s score in the FIDE Grand Swiss 2021 was misprinted in the article ‘Rising Star: Alireza Firouzja’ as 8/9.
This has been amended to the correct score, which was 8/11. (2022 #1, p.108).

SCM #2: Preview can be viewed here

GM Jonathan Tisdall’s insightful three-act take on the 2021 Championship Final match.
One of our top Juniors, Ethan Poh serves up a tray of tactical quizzes to see if you can match the resourcefulness and creativity of the world’s best at the 2021 World Rapid and Blitz
The thrills and spills at the 73rd National Championship personally and candidly annotated by the participants themselves.

GM Avetik on how to stay in love with chess even when it doesn’t seem to reciprocate your efforts and dedication.
SCF President IM Hsu Li Yang – what he revealed in his ChessAgainstCovid Ask-Me-Anything session.
CM Advait Bagri shares his tale of an utter disaster of an event followed by a successful one following his return to tournament play.
The Kasparov Chess Foundation University Cup – Jonathan Goh reports on how the NUS team did and how he managed to overcome two master-level opponents.
National Coach IM Enrique Paciencia demonstrates the importance of knowing a key rook endgame concept – Philidor’s position, with an example from HPI praxis.
GM Kevin Goh explains the psychology, logic, and analysis behind the concept of ‘Do not rush’ when one holds a clear strategic advantage.
Ironically, now Kevin encourages to try gutting your opponent with the g-pawn punt in Queen pawn openings.