SCF Membership

For frequently asked information on SCF memberships, eligibility and its benefits, refer to our FAQ:

Full details on membership can be found in the Constitution.

Note that application for SCF Membership is a separate item from FIDE ID.

Application for Membership

Interested applications are to fill in the following membership form:

Please prepare the following:

  • Photo of ID/Passport/other identity verification document
  • Screenshot of Proof of Payment (payment details below)
  • (For applicants below 18 years old) A photo of written consent by parent/guardian
  • (For Full Members) A short writeup of your involvement in chess over the past 24 months
  • (For Full Members) Names of a proposer and seconder, who must be SCF Full Members

All applications will be subject to the approval of the SCF Executive Council.

The annual membership fee is stated in the application form above. Application payment can be made by Paynow or electronic wire transfer.

Applicants can make payment through the following:

  • Paynow to: UEN S61SS0094A
  • UEN/Bill Reference No. should be the applicant’s full name as in their NRIC.

Do note that SCF Membership observes Financial Year Calendar (e.g 1 April 2022 – 31 Mar 2023); Renewal for every FY is from 1 April.

Renewal of former life memberships

All former life members will be converted to full members, with membership fees waived for life. They will be given till 31 March 2024 to fulfil the full member requirements, otherwise they will be converted to associate members (with fees waived for life) in the subsequent FY.

Former life members who intend to continue being full members will need to submit details of their involvement in chess over the past 24 months via the following form by 31 March 2024:

List of approved SCF Members

In accordance with the SCF Constitution, the list of approved members shall be published on our website. The list can be found here:

Note that memberships pending Exco approval/rejection will not be published