NJS sorting exam & NTP application

March 19, 2024

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The National Training Programme is open for registration again! The new and improved programme has 5 squads and updated selection guidelines. You may read the new Selection Guidelines at https://tinyurl.com/SCF-Selection-Guidelines-2024

If you believe you or your child have the potential, and is motivated and committed to regular training and active tournament participation, we encourage you to apply for the programme at https://tinyurl.com/NTP2024

The NJS is also undergoing a revamp – all eligible applicants will now have to sit through a written assessment to be held at the Singapore Chess Federation. This will allow us to properly determine the strength of the player, and place him or her in a group which would be conducive and better suited for their learning and improvement. You can register for an assessment at https://tinyurl.com/NJS-Sorting-Exam