Post NSI Holiday Programs 14-15 March

March 09, 2023

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Post NSI Holiday Programs 14-15 March
On 14 and 15th March, there are activities lined up throughout the day:
From 930am to 330pm, SCF Coaches GM Thomas, IM Enrique and WFM Thandar will walk you through the Ruy Lopez and Queens Gambit – learn more about important pawn structures, insights about positional and tactical themes, typical middlegame ideas and improve their general understanding.
From 4pm – 7pm, sign up to take on GM Kevin Goh, who will try to take on 30 players. GM Kevin will conduct post game analysis and offer you advice on how to improve your game. Trophy is awarded for last person standing, and a signed board for anyone who is able to hold him to a draw or beat him!
The day concludes with Beginner Classes led by two of our National Youth Players, Gladys and Bernadette. We invite newcomers to enroll in this course as the talented young ladies will guide you through the fundamentals in a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere!
Links for details and registration to the various events can be found below:
Beginner Courses with Gladys and Bernadette: