SCF New Constitution

April 30, 2023

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SCF New Constitution

Announcement on new SCF Constitution

Dear members of the chess community,

SCF’s amended constitution (, which was passed at the SCF Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 24 September 2022, has been approved by the Registrar of Societies.

This amendment was prompted by SportSG’s drive to improve governance of all National Sports Associations (NSAs), and SportSG had provided a template Constitution for NSAs to adopt prior to 2020.

To smoothen the process of transition to the new constitution, we will implement the changes in stages. We highlight the most important changes and the timeline for transition below. 

New Membership Structure

All new applicants for SCF membership from the date of this announcement will have to fill up this form:

Please prepare proof of payment screenshot, photo of ID/Passport/other verification documents, and a photo of written consent by parent/guardian (for applicants below 18 years old)

More information on membership application can be found on our “Memberships” Page:

Renewal of past memberships

All ordinary, associate, junior and affiliate members from Financial Year 2022 should have received an email on membership renewal. You are given until 30 April 2023 to renew your membership (i.e. submit proof of payment without the need to fill the above mentioned form).

Renewed memberships will be converted under the new constitution as follows:

  • Existing ordinary members will be converted to full members
  • Existing associate, affiliate and junior members will be converted to associate, associate (affiliate) and associate (junior) members respectively

Any member who does not renew by 30 April 2023 will need to fill in the membership form if they wish to re-apply for membership.

Renewal of former life memberships

All former life members will be converted to full members, with membership fees waived for life. They will be given till 31 March 2024 to fulfil the full member requirements, otherwise they will be converted to associate members (with fees waived for life) in the subsequent FY.

Former life members who intend to continue being full members will need to submit details of their involvement in chess over the past 24 months via the following form by 31 March 2024:

Change of SCF Board Structure

In accordance with the resolution at SCF’s AGM on 24 September 2023, the amended constitution’s Governing Board composition (Articles 18-31) will take effect only from the next AGM (i.e. September 2023) onwards. 

This is to facilitate a smooth transition from the current SCF Executive Council to the new Governing Board Model.

In the meantime, the existing SCF Board composition (as dictated by the previous constitution) will remain in place.

Instructions on nomination and election for the coming SCF AGM (to be held by September 2023) will be circulated at a later date.