Singapore Chess Boxing Association

April 01, 2023

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We are pleased and excited to announce that the Singapore Chess Federation shall be renamed as the Singapore Chess Boxing Association effective immediately.


CEO, Grandmaster and boxing enthusiast Kevin Goh said, “I have rambled endlessly about how important it is for a chess player to be physically fit. Still, I see some of our young ones heaving for air after climbing up the staircases of Bishan CC. Little bit embarrassing if I may say. I therefore see an urgent need to combine chess with a sport that requires chess players to be active outdoors. After deep discussions with our national squad, the team collectively decided on boxing as a less violent option as compared to some of the other hybrids that were discussed.” In an effort to promote Chess Boxing, the SCBA shall be presenting two matches to crown our first National Chess Boxing Champions. The rules of the matches are as follows:


• The match starts with a four minute round of chess. The players then go into the ring for a three minute round of boxing before again returning to the chess board.
• The match consists of 11 rounds in all (6 rounds of chess and 5 rounds of boxing) with 1 minute intervals between rounds.
• Each player has boxing gloves which are removed for the chess round.
• Head phones are given to the players when taking part in the chess section so they are not able to listen to any advice from the audience.
• The chess side of the game is played out over a 12 minute clock and is essentially ‘speed chess’.
• Officials may step in if they believe a player to be stalling in the chess rounds to force them into a move within 10 seconds.
• Officials may also step in in the event of a technical knock out, or if any of the players appear to be woozy.
In the Men’s Section, Grandmaster Tin Jingyao will go head to head with Mr. Carleton Lim to be our first National Champion. GM Tin quipped, “I have beaten Carleton so many times in blitz chess and I feel sorry for him that he is going to get beaten by me again, this time literally!”


Not to be outdone, Carleton retorted: “Jingyao is nothing but a TINY stepping stone towards my ascension to greatness. I will stop at nothing until I become the World Champion!”

In the Women’s Section, WGM Gong Qianyun faces off against her former student in chess, WCM Fang Kun. Fang Kun said, “I am very excited about this match and have been preparing hard!”


Qianyun, who likes to call herself a chess “auntie” said, “I am a rather positional player and enjoy technical chess. However, I will have to display all the aggression required to become National Champion!”


The exciting brawls will be held at Bishan CC premises tonight, and we will crown our first champions past midnight. Tickets are priced at $4.10 and can be paid upon entry.