This is a QuickStart guide for SCF Chess Courses. Please note that the information displayed here is not all encompassing.

Step 1: Chess Evaluation

If you have already decided on registering for the Beginner or Ultra Young (6 years and below) course, please skip to Step 2.

Before signing up for a course, you should first go for a chess evaluation (URL:, a coach will evaluate your skill level and the appropriate course you should take.

Step 2: Signing up for a course

After getting your evaluation results, register for the appropriate course (URL: These courses are quarterly courses, the SCF also provides holiday intensive courses during the June and December school holidays (URL:

National Junior Squads

After completing the Junior Preparatory Squad course, the next level of course is the National Junior Developmental Squad (NJDS), which is part of the National Junior Squads (NJS). However, the criteria for these classes are stringent, requiring students to have played and performed well in qualifying events (National Schools Individuals, SG Chess Festival Classical Tournament, National Age Groups). For the full criteria and information on the National Junior Squads, please visit URL, there is a fully comprehensive PDF document containing all the necessary information.