SCF Chess Courses


Registration for our Q1 (Jan – Mar) courses are now closed. Please see our course calendar below for more information on the upcoming courses.

Please refer to the “Training and Courses” page for instructions on how to register and make payment.

Chess Evaluation Booking

For students that are new to SCF Chess Courses, please book your evaluation slot to be evaluated by one of our trainers to determine what course would be most suitable for you.

Players who are new to chess and have signed up for the Beginner course are not required for evaluation.

Link to SCF Course Evaluation Form:

Once you have signed up, please wait for our phone call, we will contact you within 3 days.

Note: Q1 Courses are currently in progress. New course evaluations will be used for Q2 Courses.

Course Calendar

Please note that these dates are tentative, the SCF reserves the right to amend the course date at any time. Registration for courses will open 1 month before course commencement.


Q2 Courses: 23rd March – 24th May

May/June Holiday Weekly Intensive: 27th May – 21st June

Q3 Courses: 1st July – 1st September

Q4 Courses: 23rd September – 17th November

November/December Holiday Weekly Intensive: 25th November – 20th December

Chess Courses Overview

SCF offers the following fundamental chess courses:

  • Ultra Young (4-6 years old)
  • Grade 1: Beginner (>6 years old)
  • Grade 2: Elementary
  • Grade 3: Intermediate
  • Grade 4: Developmental
  • Grade 5: SCF Junior Preparatory Squad

The regular quarterly Chess Courses consists of 8 weekly lessons. While the Holiday Intensive Chess consist of 5 consecutive days lessons. They are split into various time slots.

SCF also offers the following National Junior Squads chess courses:

  • SCF National Junior Development Squad (NJDS)
  • SCF National Junior High Performance Intermediate Squad (HPI)
  • SCF National Junior High Performance Squad (HP)

Registration for the National Junior Squads chess courses are based on qualifying events. Here are some of the qualifying events:

  • National Schools Individual Championships (NSI) – March
  • SG Chess Festival Classical Open – June
  • National Age Group Championships (NAG) – December

For more information on the National Junior Squads, please visit