SCF Chess Courses


SCF November – December Holiday Intensive Chess Courses 2022 are open for registration!

Instructions for registration + payment are attached: 2022 Nov-Dec Holiday Intensive Course Registration Form ver1.1

Update: Week 2 Courses (Nov 28 – Dec 2) are FULL, Week 3 (Dec 5 – 9) Morning classes are FULL

Chess Courses Overview

SCF offers the following chess courses:

  • Grade 1: Beginner
  • Grade 2: Elementary
  • Grade 3: Intermediate
  • Grade 4: Developmental
  • Grade 5: SCF Junior Preparatory Squad

Each course consists of 8 weekly lessons. They are split into various time slots, held on weekends.

(w.e.f. Q1 2023 onwards) Please refer to the “Training and Courses” page for instructions on how to register and make payment